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At the Law Office of Michael Golburgh we appreciate the trust that our clients place in us when they choose our office to represent them.  Here are some of the things that set us apart from other family law firms.

Putting Clients First

"Michael, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all you have done for (us) and, most importantly, (our daughter) MJ. I know there is probably still more to do, but just to be able to relax this week and get back to some kind of normalcy is so refreshing. You made us feel like we were your #1 priority and for that we are truly appreciative. . . . (MJ's father) is (now) able to concentrate on his work and give his clients his full attention when required and on the other hand, he is settling nicely into the roll of Mr. Mom! I have gotten back to my normal schedule. MJ is doing great. Thank you again and again and again."

— KC

Service tailored to the client: Although we have handled numerous family law cases, we recognize that each matter is distinct.  We see each of our clients as an individual who requires individual attention. In support of this, we view the relationship with our client as a team -- our client provides us with a clear understanding of the situation they are facing and how they want it to be in the future, and we provide our legal training, experience, and skills so that together we can achieve success.  The result is powerful and dynamic, and is necessary to achieve the best outcome in the client’s case. 

Skills for every need: We recognize that family law matters can involve many different scenarios, and each situation requires its own unique solution.  This is not a “one-size-fits-all” area of the law.   For that reason, our firm prides itself on the broad range of skills that we bring to our divorce and family law practice -- we have many tools in our practitioner’s toolbox.  It is our experience that some family lawyers dig in their heels and litigate everything, even when a negotiated resolution would be healthier, less expensive, and likely to create a more functional outcome.  Other family lawyers believe that all problems can be solved by dialogue and mediation, even as their opponent is dominating the decision-making and strategically gaining the upper hand.  We believe that such a one dimensional approach is invariably a sign of weakness and limitation on behalf of that other attorney.

At the Law Office of Michael Golburgh, we are equally comfortable in the conference room and in the courtroom; we are also experienced enough to know which approach will be most effective at any given time.  We see the whole playing field and are therefore able to provide keen insight regarding strategy and tactics.  Therefore, when negotiation and collaboration are the best tools to achieve our client’s goals, we are prepared.  When hard-driving litigation demands heightened aggressiveness, we lead the charge.

Breadth of subject matter experience: Marriage is not just an emotional and a legal relationship, but a financial one as well. We have extensive experience not only in the core areas of family law, but also in the related areas of taxation, investment, and finance, so that we can help our clients understand the financial implications of their divorce and make the best choices when evaluating settlement options and when planning for the future. 

Responsiveness: the Law Office of Michael Golburgh never forgets that your family law matter is not just a case to you — it’s your life!  Indeed, its implications likely go beyond that into your children’s lives and future prospects. We also recognize that the issues you are facing are not limited to the legal realm; they may involve stress, disruption, and other challenges to you — and perhaps even more importantly — to your children.  We strive to minimize stress and disruption by proactively managing the case and by including the client within the process so they will know what to expect and remain engaged in working toward the outcome.  At the Law Office of Michael Golburgh, we never lose sight of the fact that we do not just handle cases; we represent people, and often the future of our client’s children.

We invite you to contact us to arrange a consultation where you will meet with a highly capable family law attorney that knows how to protect your interests.


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