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The decision to divorce is never easy.  Because it signals the end of a partnership, the prospect of divorce makes most people feel isolated and alone, even if they were the one to make the difficult decision to initiate the process.

At The Law Office of Michael Golburgh, we understand that this is a challenging time, emotionally, legally, and financially.  We know that our clients have a lot of questions and need significant support.  Our mission is to make sure our client’s needs are met, whether the need is for information about the process, strong advocacy, or confidence that legal matters are being handled with the utmost skill.

Starting Where the Client Is

When divorce clients enter our office, they are often unfamiliar with the road that lies ahead, and very apprehensive.  We don’t babble a lot of legal jargon in a misguided effort to impress.  That just makes clients feel more overwhelmed when they walk out than when they walk in.  We begin by listening to what the person needs, and taking the time to address all concerns so the client can identify meaningful goals for the divorce.  Then we discuss options, possible outcomes, and develop a plan for how to proceed.

Divorce Built Around the Client’s Needs

No two marriages are alike.  Neither are any two divorces.  Sometimes, when the parties are willing, it makes sense to negotiate the terms of the divorce settlement in as amicable a fashion as possible.  Other times, when the other spouse is unwilling or unable to negotiate fairly, it’s necessary to protect the client’s rights through meticulously prepared-for litigation.  Unlike some family law firms, at The Law Office of Michael Golburgh, we have the ability to do both.  And -- if we may say so ourselves -- we do them both very well.  The decision of how to proceed is made based on our client’s needs, not on what is most comfortable or convenient for the attorney. 

The Right Support, Every Step of the Way

Once we have made a decision together with our client about how to proceed, The Law Office of Michael Golburgh offers ongoing support to the client while pursuing all the information needed to achieve the identified outcome in the case.  Our attention to detail allows our clients to be confident that we are ready and able to protect  their interests in divorce, so they can focus on building their future.

We invite you to contact The Law Office of Michael Golburgh to learn more about our divorce services, or to schedule a consultation with an attorney. 

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