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In Maryland, as in many states, child support is determined by a set of guidelines and a complex formula with several variables based on the facts of the situation.  Generally speaking, courts consider the income of both parents and the number of overnights the child or children spend with each parent.  Both parents are required by the court to sign, under penalty of perjury, a financial declaration of their income. 

It seems straightforward, but if it were that easy, so many Maryland parents would not be convinced that they are receiving inadequate child support, or that they were paying far too much.  At The Law Office of Michael Golburgh, we understand that you are concerned for both the well-being and support of your children, and with making sure the amount of child support paid is fair and manageable.

The Devil is in the Details

Even the best child support formula is only as good as the information that goes into it.  Courts consider not just income and overnights, but other relevant information as well in determining child support.  Relevant information could include special needs of a child or other responsibilities of a parent, such as support paid for a child from a previous relationship.

At The Law Office of Michael Golburgh, we are diligent about uncovering any salient details that might have an impact on your child support award and making sure the court has the information to include in its calculations.  This includes income you feel the other side may be concealing, or evidence that the other parent is deliberately unemployed or underemployed to avoid paying child support.

Although child support is intended to cover the children’s ordinary expenses of food, shelter, clothing, education and medication needs, there may be other expenses, such as previously agreed-upon school tuition or enrichment lessons.  Our firm strives to make sure those matters are considered and addressed as well, so the parents understand their obligations going forward and avoid unnecessary litigation.

Managing Your Child Support Concerns Now and in the Future

Child support almost always changes over the course of a child’s lifetime.  Custody and parenting-time changes may prompt the shift.  Often a parent’s income changes or is eliminated entirely.  Whatever the reason, when child support payments are no longer consistent with the circumstances that gave rise to them, a modification may be the appropriate remedy.

The Law Office of Michael Golburgh represents clients who need to pursue an increase or a reduction in child support. As with any support calculation, our firm is dedicated to gathering all of the relevant information and presenting it in such a way that the court can reach a favorable decision for our client regarding support.

We invite you to contact The Law Office of Michael Golburgh to learn more about the calculation of child support or to schedule a consultation with one of our family law attorneys.

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