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The end of a marriage or relationship is stressful enough on its own.  If you have children with your spouse or partner, the stress is even greater because of your concerns for your children’s safety and well-being.  Most people who are divorcing or separating are also worried about how the change will affect their ability to participate in their children’s lives. 

At The Law Office of Michael Golburgh, we help to demystify the process of custody determinations, and we do everything possible to protect our clients’ children and their relationships with them.

The Best Interests of the Child

Nobody knows your family like you do.  If you and your spouse or partner can agree on a custody arrangement that works for both of you and your children, a judge is likely to formalize that agreement by turning it into a court order that is binding on both parents.

If, however, the parents cannot agree on a custody arrangement, the court must step in to make the determination.  The judge does so based on the “best interests of the child.”  This decision involves the court evaluating a set of numerous criteria.  The factors weighed by the court include the age, health and gender of the child; the identity of the child’s primary caretaker; the physical and psychological capacities of the parties, and each party’s ability to help the child maintain a relationship with the other parent.  There are several other considerations identified in Maryland law, and the court may consider any information it deems relevant in determining custody.

The Difference Between Knowing and Showing

As a parent, you know what is best for your child.  But when the decision about the child’s best interests is removed from your hands and placed into a judge’s, that knowledge does not automatically travel with it.  It’s no longer enough to know what your child needs. You need to be able to show it in a way that makes sense to the court, and that complies with the Maryland Rules of Evidence and court procedure.

At The Law Office of Michael Golburgh, our firm is experienced and comfortable in the courtroom.  We understand the importance of certain information to the judge’s decision-making process, and we know how to present the right information in the right way for it to have the proper impact.  Our ability to take these two steps--identifying relevant information and communicating it to the court--is the difference between just knowing what’s right for your child and being able to demonstrate it to a judge.

If you are, or will soon be, involved in a custody case, you understand what’s at stake.  We invite you to contact The Law Office of Michael Golburgh to schedule a consultation with a custody attorney and to learn more about how we can help to protect your family. 

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