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A consultation with attorney Michael Golburgh will provide you with valuable information about your legal options and the process that lies ahead of you.

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Scheduling and meeting with an attorney for the first time can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. Remember that many attorneys have chosen their profession so that they can help people – just like you – successfully navigate the legal system.

In order to maximize your consultation, please be prepared and consider the following tips.

Do I Need An Initial Consultation?

People make an initial consultation with a family law attorney for many different reasons. Some folks, who are not ready to divorce, meet with a family law attorney simply to help better evaluate all of their options. Others, whose marriages have been troubled for a long time, may be thinking about calling it quits, and want to know the legal implications of doing so. Or it could be that a parent is concerned about how his/her dysfunctional marriage affects the children and their emotional well-being, and wonders whether divorce would be a better option than continued conflict.

Regardless of the reason, everyone needs information, direction and advice about their situation. But, where to start? What is the first step for a divorce or other family law issue?

First Steps

The first step is to contact a family law attorney for an initial consultation. An initial consultation is the first meeting you have with an attorney you are interested in hiring to represent you. Scheduling an initial consultation does not mean you are beginning a divorce. Rather, you are collecting information to help you decide which attorney – if any – you will need to hire. Most family law attorneys give free, or reduced-cost, initial consultations. You can call or email their office to request an appointment.

While making your appointment, the attorney’s office will likely ask for your full name and your spouse’s full name (or the other person’s full name) so that a conflicts check can be run. Knowing that confidentiality is extremely important, attorneys often ask for this information to ensure that no one at their office has communicated with your spouse in the past and that no one will in the future.

A Typical In-Person Initial Divorce Consultation with the Law Office of Michael Golburgh

  • You don’t need to bring anything to the meeting. Just yourself, and that can be hard enough sometimes!
  • The consultation lasts about two hours. So, plan to arrive five or ten minutes prior to our meeting, and budget drive time in addition to our meeting time.
  • During the consultation, I will begin by finding out about you and your family. With this information, I can discuss basic process options (negotiation, mediation, Collaborative Law and litigation) that may be appropriate, and give you an overview about how the big issues in your case (i.e., kids, support and property/debt) are often handled. I also talk about attorney’s fees, and answer any specific questions that you may have. Finally, I leave my prospective clients with a packet, which is full of helpful additional information. I also answer any follow-up phone calls or emails (for free), if you need a little additional guidance.

Helpful Information

While you do not need to worry about bringing specific documentation with you to your consultation, some of the information listed in this document may be helpful in understanding your case.



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