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The Law Office of Michael Golburgh is a private office offering personalized, top-quality legal representation for divorce, child custody, and other family law issues to individuals throughout the State of Maryland, including Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard County, Frederick County, Montgomery County and Anne Arundel County.  We also accept cases from Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

When you are faced with legal concerns involving your family, you want an attorney who understands your needs, respects your goals, and possesses the skills to help achieve them while protecting that which is most important to you.

We have years of experience helping our clients navigate the family law system and achieving the best possible results for them.  Whether facing divorce, child custody or support issues, or other family law matter, we are equipped to handle your case effectively and in a cost-efficient manner.  We accept cases ranging from cooperative break-ups all the way to the most complex and contentious high-net worth divorce case that include closely-held business interests and child custody issues.   

Our Approach

We understand that in the practice of family law, “success” is not measured only in dollars and cents but also in the future well-being of our clients and their children.  For that reason, we begin the representation with extensive discussion with the client to understand his or her primary goals, interests, concerns and vulnerabilities, so that we will then be able to develop appropriate strategies and tactical measures.   

Once we understand the client’s perspective, we explore potential options with the client, including anticipated outcomes of each scenario. We offer the client information and insight to make informed decisions about the path the case should take and how to exploit available opportunities as they present themselves or as they can be developed.  We offer sound advice and solid perspective as to where things stand and where they appear to be heading.  

As a case proceeds, we remain in working contact with the client to develop and execute on the case strategy.  In this way it can be determined if reasonable negotiation is most effective to bring about the client’s objectives, or if it is a situation where more aggressive litigation up to an including trial is the only realistic approach.

No matter how the case unfolds, we work tirelessly on the client’s behalf, and we define success by their satisfaction with our representation.  At the heart of this relationship is our total loyalty to the client and to pursing their interests.  

We invite you to contact our office to learn more about how we can help you through a challenging time, or to schedule an initial consultation.  

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Issues Involving Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Neglect

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